About City Rentals in Ontario CA

City Rentals - Tool & Equipment Center is your source for tool and equipment rental in the Ontario California, area. Let us take a moment to tell you a little about who we are and what we do.

From Service Station to Rentals

In the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, Merle Ryan and Kenneth Hall operated a gasoline service station on the corner of Sultana and Holt Boulevard in Ontario. As a sideline to their service station activities, they started renting trailers and eventually added other equipment as their business grew. In the days before the I-10 Freeway, Holt Boulevard was one of the only routes from Los Angeles in the west to Palm Springs in the east.

 About City Rentals

Expanding the Business

As the business prospered, Mr. Hall and Mr. Ryan rented a small lot and moved the rental operations across the street. Shortly thereafter, the partners separated and Halls Trailer and Equipment Rentals, the predecessor to our present company, came into being. City Rentals - Tool & Equipment Center got started in 1968 when Dale and Richard Briggs purchased the assets of Halls Trailer and Equipment Rentals from the estate of the late Kenny Hall.

Specializing in the “T”s

In the early days, Kenny Hall specialized in the "T" things; namely, tractors, tillers, trenchers, and trailers. From the very beginning, the family-oriented Briggs brothers stressed top-flight customer service, quality brand-name equipment and fair prices. They worked long and hard. You might say they minded their "P's" and "Q's", in addition to their "T's".

Moving Forward

Fast forwarding to 1997 when 30 year rental veteran Jeff Roberts bought into City Rentals and the Briggs' retire.

Like the Briggs' before him, Jeff believes that the best, well maintained equipment and top notch customer service, not only brings in the customers, but it's what keeps them coming back. Also, the word of mouth that these satisfied customers share with others about their experience with City Rentals, earns even more customers, and so on. This core belief is the heart of City Rentals and has proven itself for the last 50 years.

City Rentals is an icon in the city of Ontario. Many generations have passed through here as employees and/or customers. There is an on-going tradition here at City Rentals that started with the Briggs brothers and continues with Jeff Roberts. It's a tradition of outstanding customer service, a tradition of well maintained equipment, a tradition of family and a tradition of excellence, in turn, giving the City Rental four "T's" a whole new meaning.

Now well into the 21st century, City Rentals not only continues to rent the four "T's" but everything from Air Compressors to Zip Levels. Don't know what a Zip Level is? Why not stop by and find out? Homeowner, contractor or industrial we'll probably have what you are looking for.

Meeting Your Needs

Excellence, quality and old-fashioned, friendly service are not just words to us; they are our everyday commitments! We perform equipment inspection before every rental and provide prompt, efficient delivery of the best-quality, brand-name equipment. All our equipment is made in America whenever possible.